Sunday, February 28, 2016

Start/Stop your Rostock Max V2 with Mario Brothers Theme Music

About 3 months ago, I bought a Rostock Max v2 for use in the various projects I've been working on.    It's been a series of ups and downs learning how to use it, but it's been great overall.  Having gotten the printer calibration nearly locked down, I decided to give the printer a little pizzaz -- a short musical number to play before and after a print job completes.  Using what I learned from, I was able to reliably generate single notes in any key I like.  Look for a more generic approach in a future post (i.e., more explanation on how to generate music on a Rostock and some proof of concept code to generate the needed G-code).  For this post, I've included videos my start-up and shut-down music (Super Mario Brothers World 1-1 level start and level completed music) as well as G-code after the jump.

Rostock Max v2 Startup - Super Mario Brothers World 1-1

Rostock Max v2 Shutdown - Super Mario Brothers Level Complete